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Elation Professional Capture Solo – Lighting Design Software

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Every lighting designer needs the ability to put ideas on paper.

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Elation Professional Capture Solo – Lighting Design Software

Every lighting designer needs the ability to put ideas on paper. However most design/CAD softwares come with extremely expensive price tags and very challenging learning curves.
Experience Capture Polar for your self, a simple to use and easy to render design software that anyone can start using instantly.
Capture offers a vast library of popular manufacturer’s light fixtures, truss and props to help you start plotting your ideas today.
Capture Polar is available in 3 versions… Solo, Basic & Extended

Capture Solo – Unique Features
Capture Solo is for the novice allowing you to design with most of captures features and use of full library.
Capture solo offers 1 universe of DMX in to take full control of your lighting plot using your favorite console of choice.
Even without a console, Capture Solo allows manual control of fixtures on plot with on screen control.
Begin plotting, rendering and off site programing immediately. see below for more details.

• Supports 1 DMX universe
• Connect to any DMX source
• Real-time lighting design & visualization
• Work with layers & scenes
• Create custom Gobos
• Customize wheels and strings
• Import and export CSV files
• 3D mouse support (3D Connexion)
• Free e-mail support
• Free software updates
• Full 5.700+ fixture library (AtlaBase)
• LED panel visualization

Download a demo version of Capture Software here:

Minimum System Requirements:
Apart from our current minimum operating system requirements, Capture should run fine on any standard desktop or laptop computer currently available for purchase. However, bear in mind that visualization software is very demanding on the graphics card. As a good reference point for the capabilities of your hardware you may find PassMark Software’s video card benchmark pages for high end GPU’s