Eliminator Lighting Aqua LED

Eliminator Lighting Aqua LED – 10W Bright Simulating Water Effect

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10W Bright Simulating Water Effect

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The Aqua LED from Eliminator Lighting offers a bright simulating water effect powered by a 10W LED light source. The Aqua LED is perfect for those special events where some background mood lighting is essential, it can be projected onto a wall, ceiling or even on the dance floor and doesn’t require a fog machine either. Best part of all is since the Aqua Array uses LED technology it no longer requires a duty cycle, which means you can have it running all night!


  • Model:   Aqua LED
  • Supply Voltage:   120V/60Hz
  • LED:   1 x 10W LED
  • Power Consumption:   12W
  • Fuse:   1Amp
  • Weight:    6 lbs./ 2.7 kgs.
  • Size:    8” L x 9” W x 9” H
  • Beam Angle:
  • Working Position:    Any Safe position
  • Duty Cycle:    None
  • Warranty:    1 Year