LD Systems CURV 500 PES – Portable Array System Power Extension Set w/ Distance Bar and Speaker Cable



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Should an existing CURV 500® Entertainer Set need to be upgraded because, for example, more power is required in the bass range, the CURV 500 PES Power Extension Set is the right choice. The portable array system then turns into a Power Set. Visually aligned with the award-winning CURV 500® design, the Extension set includes an Extension Subwoofer, four array satellites, a SmartLink® Adapter, a distance bar and speaker cable, but comes without a mixer. 300 watts RMS and 1200 watts peak for the bass reproduction provides for a substantial punch in the bass range. The four satellites rely on a power amplifier with 160 watts RMS or 640 watts Peak. The Class D power amplifiers with switching power supply provide the necessary power.

The four satellites are operated via SmartLink® adapters. The elements, only 12 x 12 cm in size, are equipped with LD System’s own WaveAhead® technology; one 4″ and three 1″ drivers provide a coherent and extremely detailed playback with high pressure and dynamics.

The 10-inch woofer resides in a black bass-reflex cabinet made of plywood. The 325 x 383 x 491 mm large cabinet with PA-protective coating weighs 16.5 kg and can be easily transported by means of three ergonomically shaped handles. In addition to a DSP-based multiband limiter, protection circuits prevent short-circuits, overheating or overloading and ensure safe operation. The humming noises caused by variations in the earthing potentials can be avoided with the ground lift function. The M20 threaded flange on the subwoofer gives a firm hold to the adjustable distance bar and the locking mechanism secures the array satellites against unwanted turning. The system cabling is carried out with the five-pin XLR input; an additional subwoofer can also be connected to the five-pin XLR output socket.


  • 10-inch woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet for a well-defined bass
  • Plywood cabinet with PA-protective lacquer
  • Power Output (RMS/Peak): 300 W/1200 W Subwoofer; 160 W/640 W Satellite
  • Class D power amplifier with switching power supply
  • DSP-based multiband limiter for distortion-free sound
  • Protection circuits
  • Five-pin XLR sockets for system wiring
  • SmartLink® Adapter with a patented click mechanism
  • Four array satellites made of die-cast aluminium, powder-coated cabinet, with dimensions of 122 x 122 x 122 mm.
  • Speaker Cables


  • Product type PA Complete Systems
  • System output (RMS): 460 W
  • Colour Black
  • Number of
    • Array satellites 4
    • Smartlink adapters 1
    • Subwoofers 1
  • Max. SPL
    • (continuous) 122 dB
    •  (peak) 128 dB
  • Frequency response 47 – 20000 Hz
  • Dispersion (H x V) 110° horizontal, vertical (each satellite) 10 °
  • RMS Subwoofer: 300 W, Array Satellites: 2 x 160 W
  • Peak power Subwoofer: 1200 W, Array Satellites: 2 x 640 W
  • Amplifier Class D
  • Protection circuits DSP-based multiband limiter, overload, short circuit, thermal overload
  • Weight 26,5 kg
  • Accessories (included) 5-pin XLR system cable (10 m), Distance bar, Power cord, Speaker cable CURV 500 CABLE 1 (2.2 m)
  • Subwoofer
  • Low/mid driver dimensions 10 “
  • Woofer size 254 mm
  • Cabinet
    • Construction vented
    • Material plywood
    • Surface PA painting
  • Dimensions Subwoofer (W x H x D) 325 x 383 x 491 mm
  • Subwoofer weight 16.5 kg
  • Subwoofer features 3 ergonomic handles, Threaded flange M20
  • Array Satellites
  • Mid/Hi system MF: 1 x 4″ / HF: 3 x 1″ with WaveAhead® Technology / 16 ohms
  • Array Satellite
    • Features internal crossover, metal grille, WaveAhead® Technology
    • Material die-cast aluminium
    • Surface: Powder coated
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 122 x 122 x 122 mm
    • Weight 1.7 kg
  • Smartlink® Adapter
    • Features 2 x 16 mm pole mount socket, 2x M6 thread for optional wall mount
    • Connectors 1 x Speakon-compatible, 1x Phoenix
    • Material die-cast aluminium
    • Surface Powder coated
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 122 x 57 x 122 mm
    • Weight 0.6 kg