Steinberg UR22C

Steinberg UR22C – 2 x 2 USB 3.0 audio interface with 2 x D-PRE and 32-bit / 192 kHz support

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Record and compose music in studio quality on your laptop or iPad with the UR22C, featuring high-end features, components and ultra-robust build quality.

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Steinberg UR22C

No matter where you want to record, your projects should always sound great. The UR22C brings you amazing sound quality in a remarkably compact, tough and versatile package for composing and recording anywhere. Use it with a computer or an iOS device for superb results, wherever you are.


Produce your songs in the best quality

The UR22C is the perfect audio partner for composing and producing songs anywhere. With inputs for microphones and instruments (including onboard phantom power), MIDI inputs and outputs, latency-free monitoring with DSP effects and fast, reliable connectivity to computers or iOS devices, it is remarkably versatile. Not only that, but with two top class mic preamps, 32-bit/192 kHz recording quality and high-quality components throughout, the UR22C records your performance with stunning clarity and detail. Ideally sized to travel anywhere with you, its tough but lightweight construction and included Cubase AI recording software make it a great music-making companion.

Record your music wherever you want

Whether you are a producer, journalist, sound designer or a composer looking to capture great new sounds, the UR22C makes high quality mobile recording a breeze. Housed in a compact, rugged but lightweight enclosure, its 32-bit/192 kHz recording quality, D-PRE preamps and seamless connection with iOS devices via SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 with USB-C delivers a superb, portable recording setup at studio grade sound level. And the included Cubasis LE iOS recording app means you can start making professional recordings on an iPad straight away while the dspMixFx application allows you to use the included DSP effects with any iOS audio software.

Sit back and enjoy high quality sound

If you are gaming, creating or just listening to live streamed content, the UR22C ensures that you always enjoy the best sound. Thanks to its 32-bit/192 kHz audio quality you can even enjoy professional hi-res audio recordings in their full beauty, with the industry-leading D-PRE preamps and high-quality components guaranteeing highest recording quality. The Loopback function allows you to seamlessly mix live and playback audio, with effects if required, for an enhanced experience, while the UR22C’s SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 with USB-C ensures you always have a reliable, fast connection.

General UR22C

  • Connection Type
    • USB Type-C
  • Design
    • Desktop (1/3 19“, 1HU)
  • Casing
    • Full-metal casing
  • Power supply
    • USB 3.0 bus-powered, USB Type-C bus-powered, External USB 5 V AC adaptor (not included)
  • Specification
    • AD/DA
    • 32 bit
  • Maximum sample rate
    • 192 kHz
  • Dynamic range input
    • 102 [dB]
  • Connectivity
    • Total number of inputs
      • 2
    • Total number of indiviudal outputs
      • 2
    • Total number of Outputs
      • 2
    • Microphone preamp
      • D-PRE
    • Microphone inputs
      • 2
    • Inputs with line level
      • 2
    • Inputs with HI-Z
      • 1
    • Analog inputs TRS
      • 0
    • Analog inputs Combo
      • 2
    • Analog outputs TRS
      • 2
    • Phantom power
      • 2
  • Headphone
    • With dedicated volume control
    • Headphones outputs
      • 1
    • Digital In ADAT
      • 0
    • Digital Out ADAT
      • 0
    • Digital In S/PDIF Optical
      • 0
    • Digital In AES/EBU RS422
      • 0
    • Digital Out S/PDIF Optical
      • 0
    • Digital Out AES/EBU RS422
      • 0
    • MIDI I/O
  • DSP-features
    • Monitoring
    • Latency free monitoring with FX
    • Onboard DSP
    • SSP 3
    • True Integrated Monitoring with FX in Cubase
    • High-Pass filter
    • REV-X Reverb
    • Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip
  • Dimensions
    • Weight
      • 1000 g
    • Width
      • 159 mm
    • Height
      • 47 mm
    • Depth
      • 159 mm
  • System requirements
    • Operating systems (Mac)
      • macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina
    • Operating systems (Windows)
      • Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • Operating systems (iOS)
      • iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13
  • Port
    • USB Type-C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0
  • CPU minimum
    • Intel Core i-series multicore processor 2 GHz or faster, or AMD equivalent processor
  • RAM minimum
    • 2 GB
  • Hard disk free space
    • 1200 MB
  • Display resolution recommended
    • 1280 x 800