Got Sound? Brooklyn’s Milk River Adds Tasteful Audio with HARMAN’s Crown, dbx and JBL Professional Components

Got Sound? Brooklyn’s Milk River Adds Tasteful Audio with HARMAN’s Crown, dbx and JBL Professional Components

BROOKLYN, New York – Brooklyn’s Crown Heights has a new jewel – the just-completed Milk River lounge, restaurant and sports bar, whose owners have spared no effort to make sure patrons enjoy the finest in music, food and entertainment. Milk River went all-out in furnishing the facility with striking ultramodern décor, variegated lighting accents, an eclectic menu and a complete HARMAN Professional audio system featuring Crown, dbx and JBL Professional components installed by New York’s Canal Sound and Light.

Milk River is divided into a spacious, main floor lounge and dining area and a second floor with additional seating and a DJ booth. “The owners wanted a concert-quality sound system for the main floor for live music and DJ dancing, but also insisted that patrons on the second floor would have an equally satisfying listening experience and not just hear spillover from the ground floor,” said Jeffrey Kwan, Vice President, Canal Sound and Light.
Kwan and his crew determined the best approach was to deploy a JBL VRX932LA Constant Curvature loudspeaker system for the main stage area and a series of JBL AC2215/00 loudspeakers throughout the main floor. Two VRX932LA loudspeakers are flown on each side of the stage, augmented by a JBL STX828S subwoofer on each side.
The stage sound is supplied by three JBL PRX412M monitors positioned along the front of the stage, with a PRX412M and PRX418S subwoofer serving as drum-fill monitors. All the loudspeakers in the ground system are powered by seven Crown XLS2500 series amplifiers and Macro-Tech MA5000i and 9000i amplifiers. A dbx DriveRack 260 and DriveRack PA+ handle all loudspeaker management.

Additionally, on the second floor, listeners won’t feel sonically neglected thanks to eight JBL AC2215/00 loudspeakers and two STX828S subs to deliver clear, impactful sound without overpowering the diners. The loudspeakers are driven by three Crown XLS 2500 and Crown XTi6002 amplifiers with a dbx DriveRack PA+ as the amplifier/speaker interface.

“Both systems are ideally configured to meet the needs of Milk River and works exactly as we’d envisioned,” said Kwan. “The dbx 260 and PA+ gives the venue the capability to dial in the system for live bands, background music during the day, pumped up for the DJs and parties at night and everything in between. Plus, staff can effectively control the sound and balance between the lower and upper floors for any situation.”

Rounding out the HARMAN system, a 32-channel Soundcraft Si Expression 3 console handles mixing duties and three AKG D5 dynamic handheld vocal microphones and an AKG Groove Pack drum microphone set are on hand for stage use.

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