Innofader Innobender – Innofader with added Special Adapters

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The Innofader Innobender is an Innofader with added special adapters.

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The Innofader Innobender is an Innofader with added special adapters.

It is designed to allow the Innofader to fit into extremely tight spaces. Currently we have done extensive testing and know the Innobender can fit into the following MIDI controller and mixer models:

Vestax VCI-300
Traktor S.4
Pioneer DJM-400
Pioneer DJM-350
Stanton m.207
Mackie d.2
The pictures illustrate how even on a MIDI controller with an extremely low profile, there is still enough space for your beloved Innofader!
The Innobender gives the flexibility and control of the Innofader to controllers (S4 and VCI-300) and mixers with tight spaces (DJM-350/400). The Innofader is the most advanced fader on the market today and will suit the ever growing needs of all levels of DJs and turntablists by offering unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you cannot find in other faders.
The Innofader features all new capacitance (non-contact) technology which means super long life, ultra low maintenance and no bleeding or cracking. With this non-contact technology so you can rest assured it will last and perform smoothly in even the harshest DJ environments. In addition, the Innofader comes with full on-board cut-in and curve control and tension adjustment so you can tweak and adjust the fader to your personal preference.
The Innofader is very well constructed and features a solid steel 8mm fader stem (to withstand the punishment of heavy handed scratchers), and specially designed polished rails to ensure butter smooth performance. Recommended.
The key points of the InnoFader are as follows:No bleed/cracking
Even the best conductive plastic (CP) or carbonized conductive plastic (CCP) contact faders will eventually bleed and require cleaning. Since the InnoFader is non-contact, no cleaning is required.Sturdy design – 8mm stem, long body type
Many DJs have experienced issues with bent or broken 4mm fader stems, thus the InnoFader adopts the emerging standard 8mm stem, ensuring almost no chance of breaking the stem. The long body type ensure a rigid construction which when combined with the heavy stem ensures a solid and long lasting crossfader. A full steel body cage ensures that the fader will hold together for years of aggressive use without breaking.Precision output
The InnoFader is factory calibrated for a precision cut-in equal on both sides of the fader. It also only responds to motion along the length of the fader so the sound will be clean even during aggressive use.

Fits many VCA mixers without mods
Gone are the days of soldering and cutting wires to fit your mixer. The Innofader comes with 9 different adapter sockets to fit many popular VCA mixers on the market.

Ultra wide range tension adjustment
At the lightest setting, the InnoFader can move with the slightest tap. On the other extreme, the InnoFader requires a steady push to move it. DJs can adjust the InnoFader to any tension setting depending on mixing style.

Ultra smooth rails
The Innofader uses high strength steel rails for a smooth feeling at any tension setting.

Adjustable curve
Analog VCA faders have fixed A, B, or D-type curves. The InnoFader has an output curve adjustment to fit any of these configurations. In addition to fitting these configurations, the InnoFader can be set for full cutting at the top or bottom.

Single cut-in adjustment for both sides
This ensures that the InnoFader can work in any sized fader slot. Since the adjustment is electronic, the actual active fader area can be shortened, unlike others which have a fixed active fader area. This often requires adjusting the mixer to fit the fader, while the InnoFader can be electronically adjusted to fit the mixer.

Not affected by dust, smoke, temperature, moisture
One main drawback of optical faders is that they stop working once there is internal dirt buildup. The InnoFader´s electronic signals are unaffected by environmental factors experienced in harsh DJ environments.

No cleaning required
Unlike other contact fader technologies, only routine light maintenance is required to keep the rails lubricated and free running. Because of the closed construction of the long body, this is kept to an absolute minimum.